Mommy on the Go - Weekday (and Weekend) Outfits

Right after I had my first child, I continually struggled with what to wear. Nothing fit right, and my size was constantly changing. I also needed clothing that would allow me to nurse comfortably. The second time around I adopted a mommy uniform of black leggings or yoga pants, and v neck t-shirts in varying colors. And then one morning, my routine got shaken up.

Dressing Up (and down)

Today I attended a friend's baby shower.  It has been raining off and on, but I feel springtime around the corner, and decided to go with a yellow dress for a pop of color. I usually take a cue from the venue to determine whether to go casual or dressy, but the shower was at someone's home, and it could go either way.

Snow with the Kids: Fantasy versus Reality

We took a trip to the snow this weekend. I'm not exactly an adventurous winter person, so the planning caused some minor panic on my end and many duplicate online purchases of children's snow gear. Around noon on Friday, the day of our departure, you could find me aimlessly wandering around Nordstrom, looking for warm socks.

Getting Down

I pick up almost 3 year old daughter from daycare every afternoon, and lately she's been requesting "Down" by Marian Hill.