All in Style

Mommy on the Go - Weekday (and Weekend) Outfits

Right after I had my first child, I continually struggled with what to wear. Nothing fit right, and my size was constantly changing. I also needed clothing that would allow me to nurse comfortably. The second time around I adopted a mommy uniform of black leggings or yoga pants, and v neck t-shirts in varying colors. And then one morning, my routine got shaken up.

Dressing Up (and down)

Today I attended a friend's baby shower.  It has been raining off and on, but I feel springtime around the corner, and decided to go with a yellow dress for a pop of color. I usually take a cue from the venue to determine whether to go casual or dressy, but the shower was at someone's home, and it could go either way.

Getting Down

I pick up almost 3 year old daughter from daycare every afternoon, and lately she's been requesting "Down" by Marian Hill.